Things I have learnt after becoming a mum

This is NOT my usual post, as I won't talk about travel or what to do in London. This year has been quite different for me, as at the beginning of it I gave birth to my son, Kamil. I am not one to talk about my pregnancy or share my birth story, however, I would like to share the things I have experienced and learned after becoming a mum.

I didn't need to buy any newborn clothes (or any other size for that matter)- newborn size was way too small for a 4,4 kg baby.  What I needed that first week of Kamil being home was saline nasal spray and a nasal aspirator. I still remember the call to 111 in the middle of the night because he had trouble sleeping and the frustration of not having anything on hand (so we just propped up the cot).

Baby brain is a real thing- it starts when you are pregnant and finishes? Please, someone tell me it does go away at some point.  I am so forgetful. If I don't make a note of things, I will forget, even if I go out to buy sugar and milk only, I must write it down.

I am not not less of a mom just because I don't breastfeed and things do not always go as you might have planned. 

Taking multitasking to the next level - I have learnt to do nearly everything with one hand, holding a baby on the other. Whenever I go to a restaurant with the baby, I only order food I can eat one handed.

I will always remember the first time he slept through the night (even though I still woke up every 30 min to check he was breathing).

Even though he sleeps through the night most of the times (I know, I am lucky), I miss being able to stay in bed till whenever.


I hate colics. When I was  reading to prepare for the baby arrival, I skip over the colic section, to then go back to it once your baby start showing signs of colics.

Some people know no boundaries when it comes to a baby.  It started with the bump, people would think it is ok to just touch it. Several weeks ago, I was flying to Italy with my husband and our 5 month old baby, a lady going to the toilet stopped and stroke Kamil's back and then told me "what a cutie!". I really dont mind, but it takes me by surprise every time.

I have found that opinions and suggestions are given, even when not asked, when it comes to babies. 

Going out of the house, even just for a walk, is like a military operation, every time.  I never leave the house without a clean change of clothes for the baby, lots of nappies, a toy to entertain him and milk.

His laugh is the most joyous sound I have ever heard and all I seem to do is try make him laugh.

Kamil has taken over my camera roll. I now need to scroll for a while to find a non baby photo in my camera roll.