The only resolution I am making for 2019

It has been a while… I have several blog posts awaiting to be finished in my drafts and I should really work on these, however, as we are nearing the end of 2018, I wanted to share my resolution for 2019 - which is not something I usually do, but I really felt the need to this year.

Cup of coffee in one hand, I got one of my too many notebooks out and begun making a list, which started to look like this:

  • lose the pregnancy and post pregnancy weight: eat healthy and exercise more (google workouts to do at home);

  • be more organised: do not wait till the beginning of January to do my tax return; batch cook food at weekends for the week; keep on top of what needs to be done in the house;

  • be more productive: write at least a blog post a month, dedicate more some time to personal projects, procrastinate less.

These are all goals I have set myself, at some point or another, in 2018 and failed.

Kamil, my son, was born at the end of January, so 2018 has been an amazing year, the best year, nevertheless a year full of many challenges and adjustments,  I spent most of it being sleep deprived (I have a feeling this will be the new status quo for many years to come) and trying to find a balance between being Kamil’s mom and being me. Finding balance is still work in progress and, I believe, will be for a while.

So, in 2019 my resolution is to be kinder.

  • be kinder to myself - I want to be healthier, more organised and productive, however it is ok if sometimes I nap when Kamil naps, it is ok if I am not consistently exercising or active, it is ok if the house is not tidy all the time. This year, I even bought myself a fitness watch to motivate myself to run, soon realising I was setting myself up for failure: how was I meant to go out running when my husband is away at work from 6 am till 6 pm- 5 am run? Don’t think so.

  • be kinder to others- a small kind gesture goes a long way to brighten up someone’s day. I know, because it always make my day when someone offers to help me get on/ off the train with the pram, hold the door open for me. It doesn’t take much, but it is guarantee to bring a smile.

  • be kinder to the planet - I am going to focus on reusing, reducing and recycling. I have already started last month by challenging myself to stop buying bottles of water when out of the house and, even harder, only buy take away coffee if I have my reusable cup with me. I am going to research way to reduce our waste at home and, generally, trying to be more environmentally conscious.

This started as a caption I was planning for an Instagram post,  but I felt I needed to put it on my blog as a reminder for myself.

2019, I am ready!