The only resolution I am making for 2019

It has been a while… I have several blog posts awaiting to be finished in my drafts and I should really work on these, however, as we are nearing the end of 2018, I wanted to share my resolution for 2019 - which is not something I usually do, but I really felt the need to this year.

Cup of coffee in one hand, I got one of my too many notebooks out and begun making a list, which started to look like this:

lose the pregnancy and post pregnancy weight: eat healthy and exercise more (google workouts to do at home);

be more organised: do not wait till the beginning of January to do my tax return; batch cook food at weekends for the week; keep on top of what needs to be done in the house ;

be more productive: write at least a blog post a month, dedicate more some time to personal projects, procrastinate less.

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Things I have learnt after becoming a mum

This is NOT my usual post, as I won't talk about travel or what to do in London. This year has been quite different for me, as at the beginning of it I gave birth to my son, Kamil. I am not one to talk about my pregnancy or share my birth story, however, I would like to share the things I have experienced and learned after becoming a mum.

I didn't need to buy any newborn clothes (or any other size for that matter)- newborn size was way too small. 

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I bloomin' love you Mum

As I reflect on yesterday's sad event in London and try to make sense where there is no sense to be found, I decided this is the perfect time to share a piece I wrote for my Mom. As I tweeted yesterday, this is a time for love and not hate. In Italy we celebrate Mother’s Day in May, we should celebrate our Moms everyday so I was honoured to participate in a ebook which has been put together for Raymond Blanc event at this years Jardin Blanc @ RHS Chelsea Flower  , which you can find here, and have the opportunity to talk about how my Mom influences me and what I have learned from her.

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