Extend your weekend with Lipton Ice Tea

Photographing sunrise is always a winner and a magical experience, however it requires dedication and it is not easy, unless you are a morning person- which I am NOT. However getting up just before 4 am and crossing the city in a taxi (Uber) when everyone is still asleep and the city starts to wake is definitely something. This was only my second time photographing London at sunrise and it was worth the early start.

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When classical meets rock music

Two musical geniuses, two different genres.

Handel & Hendrix in London opened permanently to the public on 10 February. I visited Jimi Hendrix's flat in 23 Brook Street on a Friday evening, Hendrix lived there with his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham in 1968-1968. 

The living room is restored to how it would have been at the time Jimi lived there.

Etchingham led the campaign to secure Jimi a historic Blue Plaque outside number 22, it was the first ever placed for a rock musician.

When I stepped into Handel's house, 25 Brook Street, I entered a different era- what a contrast. Handel lived in this house in the 18th century and looking outside and seeing the hustle and bustle of London, I wondered how it would be back then.

Plan your visit here and be sure to check the what's on section for events.