Eating out in London - February discoveries

London has a great choice for food, me and my friends always say we could easily eat out every meal in a different restaurant and we would still have not covered all London restaurants in a year. I often get asked for recommendations on where to eat out and I even though I already have a list of favourite places, I have decided to try write a post every month with my favourite recent discoveries.

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Welovetobrunch, the Berlin edition

January is nearly coming to an end and I still have not written a post about my last trip of 2016! I blame it on not having wifi at home and a very busy start of the year, but no more excuses. In 2016, I had a great year of travelling and I visited so many new places: Los Angeles, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Porto, Bruges and Copenhagen. I ended the year with a weekend in Berlin with Welovetobrunch. What is Welovetobrunch?

Welovetobrunch is a meet up group I started over 2 years ago which aims to bring together people who love food (especially brunch), exploring London and photography.  Together with my friend Rosella we have organised meet ups in London, and not only every month, following a simple format: the meet up is announced on Welovetobrunch Instagram page with a first come first serve principle and then we meet for food, every time in different coffee shop or restaurant. After the brunch, we will always go for a walk, which is open to everyone, this is to burn off what we ate and discover a new neighbourhood. 

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Where to have brunch in London?

Where are the best brunch spots in London? Brunch (breakfast+ lunch) has become one of my favourite meal out since moving to London, so much so that less than 2 years ago, I have started an Instagram account Welovetobrunch organising brunch meet ups in London with my really good friend Rosella.

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