Extend your weekend with Lipton Ice Tea

Photographing sunrise is always a winner and a magical experience, however it requires dedication and it is not easy, unless you are a morning person- which I am NOT. However getting up just before 4 am and crossing the city in a taxi (Uber) when everyone is still asleep and the city starts to wake is definitely something. This was only my second time photographing London at sunrise and it was worth the early start.

I attended the golden hour photography event organised by Lipton Ice tea on the rooftop of Bussey Building in Peckam, the atmosphere was vibrant with live music and performances.

What a great way to start the week, now let's see if this will lead to more early morning photography sessions. There are so many great spots to capture a sunrise in London, all I need to do is set up the alarm and drag  myself out of bed. Easy, don't you agree?

Some photos below.