Discover Cappadocia, the land of fairytale chimneys.

I cannot lie, I have been dreaming of visiting Cappadocia ever since I saw the classic photo taken from a hot air ballon of its stunning landscape. I must say it didn't disappoint and my few days in this beautiful region exceeded my expectations. 

Baki, our guide from Travelshop Turkey, had put together a packed itinerary from seeing the sunrise over the valley from a hot air ballon (definitely the highlight of my trip) to a visit to Goreme Open Air Museum - World Heritage Site since 1984.

Cappadocia has surprised me with its stunning and dreamy landscapes and history.

A truly magical experience witnessing the sunrise from a hot air ballon. I am scared of heights, but the ballon basket is quite tall and as soon as we were on our way up, I had forgotten about my fear and enjoyed the whole hour we were up in the sky- I could have stayed till sunset!

Ilhara Valley and the Selime Cathedral

We stayed in Gamirasu, a fantastic cave hotel. The history of my room read "it was carved 2000 years ago and it was originally used by the Romans, but they were threw out by the Byzantine people around the 9th Century- till the 11th Century it was used as a storage space for the Byzantine Orthodox Monastery. " 

Gamirasu Hotel- sunset view from the rooftop terrace

Gamirasu Hotel- sunset view from the rooftop terrace

Imagination Valley

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