Copenhagen, why not?

With a trip already planned to Paris a few days later, when my friends Rosella and Mendy started talking about a weekend in Copenhagen, I told them I would not be joining them. But after a few days, it didn't take a lot of convincing to make me change my mind, especially as at the beginning of the year I decided that 2016 would be the year I would travel more than any previous years. 

We stayed in super cool hostel  Urban House, perfectly located 5 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station. They operate an automatic self check in, after booking they will send you the room number and door code, so when you arrive you can go straight to your room and no key, which is a bonus for me as I am forever looking for my room key when staying at hotels.

What to expect from Copenhagen? Super friendly people, cute neighbourhood, great coffee places and restaurants. We stayed 3 days and definitely made the most of our 72 hours Citypass- which you can buy online or at the airport from the ticket machines. You can travel on any transports day and night, which is quite handy.

Places I would recommend to see and visit:

  • Amalieborg- try to see the changing of the guards, more info here
  • Nyhavn 
  • The Round Tower - tip: don't try to get the perfect shot from one of the windows on your way up, once you get on top you will have the most amazing view of the city.
  • The Botanical Gardens 
  • Grudtvig's Church - a 20 minutes bus ride from the centre. Tip: make sure you check the opening hours, it took us a while to get in...

I didn't bring my camera on this trip, so I am sharing the photos I took with my iPhone.

Where we ate-

  • Atelier September for brunch
  • Granola for brunch 
  • Tommi's Burger Joint for burgers, funny that we had to go all the way to Copenhagen to find this place (we discovered they also have branches in London)
  • Original Coffee for brunch and coffee (especially coffee). I particularly recommend the one at Illum for access to the terrace
  • Mirabelle for coffee and the interiors
  • Kalaset for brunch and -again- the interiors. We arrived too late for brunch, so we enjoyed a delicious lunch

There are several things we didn't have time to do, like rent a bike to see the city, however we needed an excuse to go back.